Isabellan Times is the muse of Isabella Garcia.

It has often been said “she’s speaking isabellan again.” Since isabellan.wordpress has been taken, the next natural succession was Isabellan Times. Isabellan Tongue was also in the running, but may have been incorrectly construed.

Isabella is an entrepreneur and human…let’s get our priorities straight. The founder of STAE Concierge, LLC (Sempurna Travel Administrations & Events), a concierge company working mainly with dentists on travel arrangements, event coordination, and areas of administration involving goodwill PR, client and staff motivation, etc. STAE also provides programs and products to increase client retention and staff morale. Isabella has over 10 years of experience in event production, small business management, and travel coordination.

Being born and raised in Indonesia to a working class Chinese family has given Isabella the compassion and drive to always want to help others and create a better world. She has worked with non-profit organizations since she was a child on the issues of world hunger and poverty, environment, drugs, disaster relief, human rights violations, religious persecution, and education, primarily focusing on children.

Isabella has been blessed with having held many “hats” in life and the perspectives to go with it – employee, executive, entrepreneur, volunteer, student, beloved trophy wife, devoted mother, city-girl, country-girl, traveler…and everything else in between. She is known for being an energetic, perfectionist, hard-arse, workaholic who always has a smile on her face.  She has also been called other things by ex-employees and “rival” businesses (and their employees).  She inherited her energy, determinism, and sarcasm from her inspiring entrepreneur mother and Vietnam veteran dad, the City of Brotherly Love, and her wonderfully aggravating cousins (you know who you are)…all of whom are much loved & appreciated.

Isabella currently resides in the Houston area (or where ever she may be at the time) as a forever busy-bee or wonder woman…look for the costume.  A Philly sports fan, lover of British literature, music, and dance, you can find her in book stores, milongas, sports bars, and places where she’s able to experience “solitude amongst crowds”…at most time still working.  Do not bug her when she is with family or friends, unless it’s business related; or personal issues of an emotional nature, unless it effects business.  Her philosophy on life is to only do what you love and are passionate about, and approach everything with a positive attitude & SMILE.

Photo Courtesy:  Felix Kunze Photography




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