Racism – a Double Standard in Our Partisan Politics and Society

In today’s Daily Beast, Ron Christie wrote a poignant article about the double standard that exists in our increasingly partisan society, media, and politics.  The events being analyzed are the racist attacks of Elaine Chao, wife of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  The perpetrators of the attacks are Democratic partisans.

Elain Chao

Elain Chao (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“America’s greatest strength is our diversity of culture. Racism is not to be tolerated in our society under any circumstances. That needs to be the rule, the universal standard, regardless of whether the offender is a Republican or a Democrat. Enough is enough.”


What a bundle of hypocrisy our society has become.  It would be nice to see my Democrat friends bringing this issue to attention as they have done with other racist remarks, but I’m thinking that I should probably not hold my breath.  And perhaps I should also brace myself for the ignorant comments/excuses that will attempt to explain as to why such racist remarks are OK when intended for a successful, female, Asian immigrant.