Dolphin Tale – Winter’s Story

Last weekend my daughter and I had the pleasure of seeing Winter on the big screen. Dolphin Tale is an inspiring movie of a dolphin who could teach us all a bit about life, and yes…business.

My daughter has been a big fan of Winter ever since I could remember. For years, we spent our summers in Clearwater. Many an afternoon at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium (CMA), Winter’s home.

So who is Winter? Winter is a bottlenose dolphin who, at only 3 months of age, “found herself wrapped tightly in a crab trap line and was unable to escape.” She was rescued and transferred to CMA, an aquarium specializing in rehabilitating injured sea life. Winter lost her entire tail and two vertebrae due to her injuries. Many dolphins die in crab trap lines, not to mention losing a tail…their lifeline to swimming. Winter survived, learned to swim without a tail, then learned to swim with a prosthetic tail.

“How is she going to live, if she can’t swim?”

We can’t deny that the economy is not where it should be. Life, at times, deals us a bad hand. Perhaps you had to start over in your business…or clean house. I’ve heard it time and time again, some I’ve seen first hand. Staff who have embezzled, those who left and took the core of the business with them; and owners who have committed similar unethical actions, driving their own business into extinction.

“Trying to put a tail on a fish. Nobody in his right mind would even try it. Luckily I’m not…in my right mind.”

Are you in your right mind? It’s time to pull yourself up by your bootstraps…or your fins 😉  The way out is the way through.

Dolphin Tale is an inspiring movie of a stunningly incredible dolphin. It will make you cry and make you laugh, but at the end it should open your eyes. Winter is a miracle. More than that however, she is a true testament of the power of a strong will, a playful attitude, and a never-ending spirit.

Come and visit Winter…she may have lost a tail, but she’ll capture your heart”…and invigorate your spirit! While you’re at it, support CMA. They exist because of our contributions.


What Will You Remember?

As I sit typing this post on a plane, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, I wonder what others on this flight remember of this morning 10 years ago.  Let us not fall prey to the effects of being victims of that horrific day, but remember what our country stands for.  The insane actions of a small group of people will never be understood.  My thoughts and prayers are with the friends and families of those who died in the crash, and the heroes who helped NYC, our country…and the world rise from the rubbles.  We can not forget that the lives lost were not only that of Americans, 2996 people from over 90 countries.  To forget or pretend that it still does not effect us is mere folly, to live in fear or anger will reap repercussions, to remember and rise above it…to continue to lead successful lives and help others is to deter others from terrorism.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with several firefighters and rescue workers from 9/11.  To hear their stories and how it has changed their lives…physically and emotionally is heart-wrenching.  To see the smiles, the hope, and the courage in their eyes is inspiring, to say the least.  Maya Angelou was asked to write about heroes and heroism.  This is what I choose to remember of 9/11….

Extravagant Spirits

by Maya Angelou


Without their fierce devotion

We are fragile and forlorn,

Stumbling briefly, among the stars.


We and our futures belong to them

Exquisitely, our beliefs and our

Breaths are made tangible in their love.


By their extravagant spirits, they draw us

From the safe borders

And into the center of the center ring

There they urge dance upon our

Leaden feet

And to our sullen hearts,

Bright laughter.


Not the crowd’s roar nor the gasped

Breath of the timorous can stay their mission.


There is no moderation in their nature.

They spit upon their fingers

To test the wind of history,

They slip into our bonds and steal us

Away from the slavery of cowardice.


They skin back their thin lips over fanged teeth and

Rocks in hand, in our presence

Face down our Goliath.


These mothers, fathers, pastors and priests,

These Rabbis, Imams, and gurus,

Teach us by their valor and mold us with their courage.


Without their fierce devotion

We are only forlorn and only fragile

Stumbling briefly, among the stars.

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